About Hostelle

Hostelle wants to be different. We want to show you that it is possible to stay in a boutique hostel without paying ridiculous prices. The hostel has everything you need like designer rooms, comfy beds, a fully equipped kitchen and travel guides.

Hostelle wants to provide a safe and fun place for women who are travelling to Amsterdam, Barcelona and London. We want you to feel like you are staying with (girl)friends and will provide a homey atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you are on a holiday or a business trip, Hostelle will always make you feel at home!

In the name Hostelle you will find the name Hostel because that is basically what we are. For the female touch we added 2 letters. Hostelle then becomes a word that contains the word Host in orange that stands for the good host ship we want to offer you in The Netherlands, Barcelona and London, and elle in pink which means she in French and shows the female touch. Last but not least, the stylish girl Elle in the middle that stands for Hostelle’s diversity and shows that every girl is welcome…

Hostelle was founded by Bianca Brasdorp. Having worked as a Marketer for most of her life she wanted a change. The main reason was that she wanted to do something creative and have a job that involved lots of interaction with people. After brainstorming she decided to start a hostel.

Because there wasn’t a hostel for women yet in Amsterdam she thought that it would be a good idea to offer women and girls a safe, beautiful, fun and clean place to stay in Amsterdam. Little that she knew that a hotel/hostel was one of the most difficult things to start in Amsterdam! She stumbled upon an office building that was vacant and that was ideal to turn into a hostel. After dealing with government regulations, estate owners, and constructors she finally was able to finish Hostelle and open in march 2012. After a few very successful years, Hostelle wanted to grow and to have a complete makeover so it moved to a bigger, fully-renovated and cosier location in 2017 in Amsterdam. Since then we opened in April 2022 in Barcelona and expected to open in January 2023 in London!